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Happy Whirlyvid Wednesday!

You won't believe who's begun whirling!

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Whirlyvid the West

This one comes with an added dose of attitude.
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Whirlyvid Wednesday: The Selfie Gets An Upgrade

This revolutionary phenomenon is taking the whirld by storm. Get spinning and get whirled: The Whirlyvid.


Double Trouble @ Lincoln Memorial

Here's another of our reader submissions - Double Trouble at the Lincoln Memorial! 
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Now It's Your Turn...

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Here's one of our reader submissions, with it's own style and take on the WhirlyVid - The Office style!


WhirlyVids of London

Okay, it's taken months, literally, for the post-production on these. While visiting London in February 2010, I was amazed at how beautiful the city was - and that was with only the naked eye!

In this WhirlyVid, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be blown away, by seeing London properly "centered."

The "revolvution" has begun! Ahwoooo!


An Explanatory Note...

As you may have grasped already, the WhirlyVid is a groundbreaking new genre of film/foto documentation. It is hard to define and resists classification. That said, its intent is to move us into the 21st century of turning trips and special events into permanent memories.

Have you ever gotten home from a trip to a beautiful place, ready to dig through your pictures and relive the wonders time and time again, only to be utterly disappointed when those pictures just don't capture the place? You don't get a feel for the beauty that was all around when you shot the picture, or you forgot to capture some of the interesting folks wandering by, or you got thousands of shots of landscape, and not one of yourself.
Well, those days are now over. Just set your camera to "video" mode, turn it around, and dance in circles...this is, the WHIRLYVID!

Given the fact that WhirlyVids are intended to document trips, special events, or important moments, I must warn the thousands who are tuning in here daily, that these posts will not come daily. Instead look for new WhirlyVids here maybe a couple times a month.

I know in this day of instant access and instant gratification, that seems like a long time to wait, but I guarantee, what you'll miss in frequency, will more than be made up for in quality.